Keeping Track of Your Residual Income: Proper Metrics to Prevent Discrepancies

Residual Income

Cash flow is the absolute lifeblood of businesses today, which makes residual income all the more important to your company’s survival. The problem with making residual income is that it can easily become lost in a maze of confusion if you don’t have the proper management software. Without proper calculations, it could end up causing multiple discrepancies that lead to tax mistakes or unexpected losses.

At the heart of this is the mistake in sticking with paper-based systems. If you’re still using paper to create income statements, you’re already at risk for making mistakes or misplacing a file.

Using Software for Residual Income Reporting

Finding proper software to report your residual income is essential if you want to avoid the downtime it takes to scope out mistakes. Consider how much time and money it’s going to require finding a discrepancy in a paper file or spreadsheet.

All of that creates considerable downtime you could use for more important things.

What’s important is to look out for software enabling strong features in calculation, metrics, direct payment, and management.

Quickly Calculating Your Income

You may have a lot of side income coming in to your business and quickly piling up if relying on paper invoices. Rather than calculate it through manual methods, quality software can tabulate it all in minutes after digitizing your invoices.

Now you won’t have to worry about a data entry operator or accountant adding the figures manually and possibly making an error. When it falls on their shoulders, it only places more pressure on your staff, despite manual mistakes being inevitable.

Quick Payments

Integrating residual income software with a CRM allows you to send digital payments to agents and others instantly. Doing this enables a direct payment method rather than wasting time and money sending out money via snail mail.

Now you’ll have a digital paper trail proving you paid bills with your residual income, just in case someone disputes what you’ve paid.

Comprehensive Metrics

Residual income brings many financial elements you need to study to see how much you’re making and what you’ll make at a later date. With superior metrics, you’ll better understand your financial growth, whether you’re truly making a profit, and your basis points.

Having to wait weeks or months to see financial metrics only places you in second-guessing mode you can’t afford to stick with for business success.

When you integrate the cloud with your software, you’ll manage all your residuals from any payment processor, or your mobile device.

Contact us at IRIS CRM to learn about our residual income management software to see how it can take complete management control of the money you’re making.

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