3 Key Features Call Center Software Needs to Have

Call Center Software

An efficient call center needs more than mere lists of numbers to operate. It needs to automate every repetitive task, keep track of several objective performance metrics, and monitor agents’ soft skills. The easiest and best way to do this is to use call center software that includes an integrated phone system. Here are some of the key features such a system should have:

Automatic Dialing

Simply entering the digits of a phone number takes several seconds. When multiplied by the hundreds of calls per day that a call center handles, it adds up to a large amount of wasted time. Even worse, there is always the risk of a misdial every time manual methods are used. Software that includes an integrated dialer eliminates these problems.

Call Timing Capability

The amount of time each call takes impacts both the number of calls a center makes and the chance of making a sale with each call. Conversations shouldn’t be either overly chatty or overly rushed. Using software to track call duration will make it possible to aim for the right length based on actual measurements instead of a supervisors’ subjective feelings.

Automatic Recording

One of the mainstays of training in a call center involves listening to recordings of agents’ calls. This allows supervisors to detect and correct any problems in the agents’ methods. Recording calls is important for keeping experienced agents on track and maintaining great customer service.

Call center software that automatically records all calls is essential for managing this aspect of a call center operation. The software also needs to make it easy to search through recordings so that they can be referenced in case of complaints or other difficulties.

These are just a few things good call center software will do. To learn about our software’s many other capabilities, just contact us. We’ll be happy to explain how the IRIS Dialer will boost your productivity and sales.

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