New Enhancement: Make Required CRM Fields

New Enhancement: Make Required CRM Fields

The IRIS CRM Lead form has just gotten a new addition – the ability to Make Required CRM Fields! With this enhancement, you can now ensure that leads will not be created with any missing information important to your business!


Let’s take a look at the new functionality.


Configuring a Required Field


Configuring a required field is very simple. Go to Manage > Administration > Leads > Manage Lead Fields, click the Add/Remove Fields button on the tab which contains your field, locate your field and click the “Permissions” button on it:



Then check the “Required” check boxes for each User Class that will be required to fill in information in the field, and click “Save”:




Now that the field has been set as required, it will show up with a red asterisk on the Lead form, indicating that it is a required field:



If a user tries to save a new Lead without entering the information in the required field, an error message will be shown in the top right corner, asking the user to enter the required information:



The required field(s) on the Lead will also be highlighted in red:



If there were additional required fields on other tabs, then those tabs will also be highlighted in red, indicating that the user needs to fill in the required fields there as well:




And there you go! With only a couple of easy steps, you’ve enabled a better and more complete data gathering process! We hope you enjoy using the new feature as we continue to improve and build upon the best-in-class Merchant Services CRM!


Stay tuned for more updates and improvements coming soon!


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