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Paysafe is a UK-headquartered online payments company that provides payment processing and online wallet services to companies around the globe. They offer payment solutions for online businesses as well as brick and mortar stores, and their Neteller and Skrill brands facilitate low-cost online money transfers between users. As one of the most popular processors in Europe, with an ever-growing presence in North America, we’ve built advanced Paysafe reporting and management integrations right into IRIS CRM, ensuring ISOs partnered with Paysafe can enjoy IRIS CRM’s productivity-boosting features while driving maximum growth in their Paysafe merchant portfolio. 


Transaction Reporting

IRIS CRM allows you to instantly create detailed reports drilling merchant data right down to the transaction level. All data is automatically pulled from Paysafe’s reporting feed and translated into a series of easy-to-read charts and graphs, making it possible to quickly put advanced business intelligence to work for managerial decision-making purposes. Transactions can be viewed by a merchant, date, card type, and more, making IRIS CRM’s reporting suite a truly versatile managerial tool for Paysafe ISOs.


Online Statements 

Paysafe ISOs can pull the details of their statements digitally directly through IRIS CRM, making it possible to bring financial management, residual calculation, and agent payout functions into the CRM. The convenience that provides can’t be overstated, nor can the value of happier sales agents thanks to faster, more accurate payouts on their share of the residuals. As with transaction reporting, IRIS CRM pulls all of the relevant data automatically and delivers it through a user-friendly dashboard, making statements easier than ever to read and understand.


Chargeback Notification

Undisputed chargebacks not only cost you revenue, but they can also raise red flags with payment processors if not kept in check. As a result, it’s important to keep a close eye on disputes to ensure they’re handled on-time. IRIS CRM provides chargeback notification right through the white-labeled merchant portal, ensuring your merchants always know about disputes the second they happen. It also enables your ISO to keep an eye on which merchants are having the most trouble with chargebacks so that you can address the problem or, if necessary, move on from the merchant altogether. 


Account Management

IRIS CRM enables you to manage certain key details of your merchants’ accounts from directly within the CRM, eliminating the need to log in to payment processor portals or to engage processor support staff to make routine changes. Commonly changing details like merchant vitals and contact information can be quickly and easily updated, and advanced reporting on each individual merchant makes it possible to monitor account status, activity, and even to identify merchants that haven’t submitted batches recently. 


IRIS CRM – the ultimate Paysafe merchant CRM – is specifically designed to unlock new levels of productivity and profitability for independent sales organizations and merchants partnering with Paysafe through our advanced reporting and account management features. But in addition to those features, IRIS CRM also assists in all areas of day-to-day operations. From streamlining email communications and calling, to supercharging merchant boarding, to improving customer service, IRIS CRM does it all. 

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