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Back-office Operations

From an internal business perspective, CRMs are most often broadly associated with the benefits they have to offer teams in sales and marketing. And understandably so, seeing as these departments rely heavily on their ability to build and maintain meaningful customer relationships. But back-office operations are just as important.

With that being said, the aforementioned maintenance aspect of customer relationship management typically falls on the shoulders of those behind the scenes. While those on the front lines may bring the customers in, it’s a good post-sales process that will help your payment processing company keep them.

Ensuring that the process is aligned with a positive customer experience means equipping your customer teams with the tools they need to succeed. Let’s take a look at the IRIS CRM back-office tools sure to simplify and streamline the workflow of your operations team.

TurboApp Merchant Boarding

Once a deal is closed, it’s the mission of your operations team to get new merchants set up in the system as quickly and error-free as possible. This is where your new merchant boarding platform comes into play.

This centralized system integrates with both the newest and most trusted product solutions in the payment processing marketplace. Available integrations include First Data, TSYS, iPayment, Pivotal, Vantiv, and Priority.

Starting a new application is simple and seamless—allowing your team to get merchants up and running four to seven times faster than before. And since your sales and success teams are all using the same software for customer tracking, no one needs to waste time with manual data entry updates or potential errors.

Merchant Portfolio Reporting

Keeping data updated on merchants already in the system is just as important as adding in new ones. Especially when the cost to acquire a customer is so much higher than it is to retain the ones you already have.

This is why IRIS CRM offers operations tools for staying on top of merchant transaction reporting. Teams can easily pull reports around just about any portfolio data points needed. This includes information around retrievals and chargebacks, useful for settling disputes and identifying troublesome merchants before they become a problem.

Performance Dashboard

Last but not least is the performance dashboard. For operations teams, this feature of IRIS CRM is a no-brainer in maintaining a holistic view of portfolio performance.

Teams can track historical volume growth over time, in addition to approvals. This helps the back office better guide operations around process and workload capacity. They can also monitor approvals and residual contributions by the user to be passed along to sales management teams. Proactively monitoring this kind of performance information regularly ensures that your company can grow to scale rather than scrambling to keep up with unwanted surprises down the road.

Success in the payments industry is a factor of so many moving parts. This is why it’s critical to invest in a CRM tool that can keep your customer-facing departments aligned and functioning in unison.

Help your operations team help you by providing them with tools that’ll help them work smarter, not harder. Schedule a demo and test drive IRIS CRM today!

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