Making Human Progress Possible

The Mission Newsletter, 7/10/18

“Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will.”
— James Stephens

How To Make Human Progress Possible

Episode 52 of The Mission Daily

Progress takes work and capital. Chad and Stephanie take you through all the ways that investing in the right people and companies helps lead us down the path to progress rather than destruction.

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News That Matters


Big news: platypuses have venom. But, as unbelievable as that is, it’s what might be possible with that venom that’s really remarkable.

A new study out of the University of Adelaide suggests that venom from male duck-billed platypus during the breeding season may be useful in treating diabetes. The venom contains a hormone called GLP-1, which is efficient at regulating blood sugar levels.

“We were surprised to see GLP-1 present in venom, and think that this may have led to a more effective hormone,” notes Dr. Frank Grutzner, who is the leader of years-long studies into platypus genomes and metabolic hormones. “Our data so far indicate that in fact the platypus hormone could have beneficial effects for blood-sugar regulation for Type 2 diabetes.”

More on our helpful duck-billed friends here.


Get your wallets and your clicking fingers ready. The annual Amazon Prime Day will begin on July 16 at 3 p.m. ET and will run for 36 hours — longer than any other previous Prime Day.

Shoppers can expect deep discounts on popular items, and more than one million deals on various products, including from Whole Foods Markets.

It was estimated that Amazon made $1 billion in Prime Day sales last year, so the company is excited about the possibility of even more this year. Especially considering they opened up the deals to new markets including Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

Get all the info here.


Removing temptation in the first place is the key to finding self-control. In addition to making you feel good about yourself for not giving in to something you want to cut out, removing temptations is also good for your mental health.

“A study found that just experiencing temptation — regardless of whether we succumb to it — can leave us feeling depleted, which in turn inhibits our ability to achieve our goals.”

So if you want to feel better and do better, get as many temptations out of your way as possible. That way, your brain can focus on what it needs to rather than fighting through a temptation and then feeling bad about it if and when you give in.

Read more here.

Tech Trends

The effort to rescue a group of children trapped in a cave in Thailand has finally come to a close! 🤗 All 12 boys and their coach were successfully rescued after spending over 2 weeks underground.

This event attracted support from around the world, and days ago, even Elon Musk threw his hat into the ring to try and help.

The billionaire head of Tesla sent engineers from his companies, SpaceX and the Boring Company. Musk himself tweeted out a number of ideas he thought could help.

Other ideas included a mini-submarine and drilling a hole directly into the cave from above.

As of this morning, everyone trapped in the cave had been rescued, but Musk’s ideas may still be usable in the future.

More on what he came up with here. To learn more about how the boys were finally rescued, check here.

Marketing Trends

At the annual Evolving E conference in New York City, a trio of CMOs gave the audience their advice on marketing in today’s world. Graham Stanton, co-founder of Peloton, Jay Livingston, CMO at Bark, and Joanna Lord, CMO at ClassPass, each had some solid advice to share, but their biggest takeaways were threefold:

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment and test things out
  2. Think outside your company’s comfort zone or “bubble”
  3. Don’t stress about the bad marketing moments that are inevitable

Lord was particularly knowledgeable about the third point, considering ClassPass’s history of changing their model and facing consumer backlash as a result.

“Try to set the best expectations of what you can and cannot get from this thing you’re making,” Lord said. “Be as honest as you can when delivering it. You let the cards fall and try to get back that trust.”

Get more insights here.

Education Trends

The curriculum you’re taught and the type of teacher you have are huge factors in your ability to learn. But there is one often-overlooked element of the education process: the learning space.

Architect Danish Kurani has a vision to impact education by creating spaces that foster learning using bright colors, flexible seating, and more functional workspaces, among other things.

Recently Kurani designed a tech lab in New York for Black Girls Code, and he is currently partnering with various schools and companies that want to take their spaces to the next level for the students in their care.

See some of Kurani’s designs and learn more about his work here.

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The Best of Who We Are Chatting With

“Technology is allowing us to get the things we want without the shackles of the physical product.” -Tien Tzuo

When Tien Tzuo, the CEO of Zuora, appeared on The Mission Daily, he had a ton of insights to share, from his early days at Oracle and Salesforce, to how he built a massively successful, publicly traded technology company!

Listen to the full interview here, or read a condensed version here: Five Insights From Tien Tzuo

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