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Manage Voicemail Schedules

Manage Voicemail Schedules


We are excited to announce an enhancement to the integrated dialer in IRIS CRM.

Users that have the dialer enabled can now setup multiple voicemail messages on different schedules to suit their needs.

This further extends the capabilities of the integrated dialer and we are proud to show you how simple it is to set up!


Step 1 

Go to the Administration page and click on “Manage Dialer Settings”.

Manage Voicemail Schedules



Step 2

Click on the wrench icon next to the extension you want to edit.

Manage Voicemail Schedules


Step 3

Click on “Voicemail Recordings” on the pop up.

Manage Voicemail Schedules


Step 4

Click on “Add Recording” and upload the audio file(s) you wish to use as your voicemail message(s).

We have already done this twice in the image below.

Manage Voicemail Schedules


Step 5

Click on the calendar icons next to each message to open the scheduling functionality.

Manage Voicemail Schedules


Step 6

Set up when each message should be active and click “Save”.

Don’t worry, the system will let you know if there are any conflicts!

Manage Voicemail Schedules

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