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Marketing Trends of 2019

Mission Newsletter, 1/9/19

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” –Peter Drucker

The Story

The marketing director stared at her desk.

She was facing a moral problem.

For years, her company had only been hiring female models that the mainstream considered “beautiful.” And now she was realizing that it was affecting her own daughter’s self-esteem.

How could I be so blind? How could I unwittingly hurt my daughter like this?

She considered quitting her job on the spot.

But she knew that that wouldn’t solve the problem. The ads would still roll and millions of little girls across the country would still watch them…

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Top Marketing Trends of 2019

Marketing and advertising are constantly changing. New technologies and best practices evolve dramatically every year. So what trends can marketers expect to see in 2019?

In this two-part series, Ian and Lauren are joined by Brian Rothenberg (GM, CMO and VP of Growth at Eventbrite). They discuss what you need to know to keep your marketing relevant in 2019 — everything from what’s new on social, keys to great event planning, and why podcasts are the way to go.

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News That Matters

Meredith Ayan, Executive Director of SPCA, joined Chad Grills at the Salesforce tour in New York! Learn how the SPCA uses email to tell stories about how they help dogs, cats, and… donkeys?

– Feelin’ lucky? Here’s how your brain decides whether to make risky decisions when the odds are stacked against you. 🧠

“You’re having the villain change. The villain can’t change… If the villain changed, he’d be the hero.” –Lessons in Storytelling with Steven Pressfield

Remember when IHOP became IHOB? Or when Elon Musk launched his Tesla in space? Here are 9 of Last year’s Most Creative Marketing Ideas.

Cannabis-infused beverages are on their way. 😲 And Anheuser-Busch is getting in on the craze.

A German publishing company has developed a hyperlocal social media platform. Using geographical location, Lokalportal connects you with your neighbors… and that’s it.

This will haunt your dreams: A car that can walk on four legs. 🚗

We’ve talked about it before, but we’ll mention again. One of our favorite ways to see how advertising has changed is to look at Apple’s ads. Check out: 40 Lessons from 40 Years of Apple Ads

From word of mouth recommendations to endless popup ads, how has marketing evolved over the last century? Here’s a handy timeline.

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