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Mastering Your Emotions

The Mission Newsletter, 6/19/18

“For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being a CEO — It’s Not What You Think

Episode 37 of The Mission Daily

A Chief Emotional Officer (CEO) means having success by mastering your emotions. But how do you do that? Chad and Ian discuss the steps you have to take to make your emotions work for you.

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News That Matters


Are meditation and yoga inflating your ego?

Possibly. According to a new study soon to be published in Psychological Science, rather than putting your ego in check — which is what Buddhism teaches is important and the reason for meditation and yoga — practicing those activities may be boosting your ego instead. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Psychologist William James argues that practicing any skill breeds a sense of self-enhancement (the psychological term for inflated self-regard). The researchers stated:

“Ego-quieting is often called upon to explain mind-body practices’ well-being benefits. In contrast, we observed that mind-body practices boost self-enhancement and this boost — in turn — elevates well-being.”

Get all the facts on the study here.


Gooooooallll!! ⚽️ 🎉

But not for your boss. Almost half of all those who say they will be watching the month-long World Cup soccer tournament admitted that they plan to tune into games during the workday, which, according to a new study, will wind up costing their employers nearly $3.6 billion in lost productivity.

More info on the stats of those watching the World Cup here.


There is a tipping point to social change, and scientists have finally figured out what it is.

In a new research paper, it was revealed that roughly 25% of people in a situation need to stand up and demand change before that change is likely to occur. The study looked at groups of people who were given monetary incentive to stick with a certain set of linguistic norms, and were then faced with confederates in groups of varying sizes to try to get them to change the norms.

When the confederate group was below 25% of the whole group, they failed. But once the minority group got to 25%, there was an abrupt change in group dynamics and the norms quickly shifted. The same principle held true even after researchers doubled and tripled the monetary incentive.

Read more on the fascinating research here.

Tech Trends

The discovery of a lunar meteorite in Arizona called moganite is big news for the science community, which believes that the mineral could be proof that water is present on the moon. They came to this conclusion after numerous tests determined that the rock could not have formed on Earth. Moganite needs water in order to form, so researchers can conclude that wherever in space it came into shape, it was in the presence of H2O.

“The researchers say the meteorites probably came from an area of the Moon called Procellarum Terrane, and that the moganite was formed through the process of water evaporation in strong sunlight. Kayama’s working theory is that deeper under the lunar surface, protected from the sun, crystals of water ice could be abundant.”

All the information about the discovery can be found here.

Marketing Trends

Adidas is looking to disrupt the shoe market by introducing the Deerupt, a sneaker specifically designed for Instagram users and influencers. The low-top, colorful shoe is covered in mesh. The company hopes this will be a huge focus of posts moving forward — especially in the sneaker subculture of the social media platform (yes, that really exists).

“With Deerupt, the goal was to connect with our creative community by speaking their language, part of which is the everyday expression communicated through social media,” says James Thompson, Adidas Originals’ global design director of men’s footwear.

More info on the cool kicks here.

Education Trends

Microsoft recently acquired education start-up Flipgrid, one of the leading video discussion platforms. Flipgrid is an app that allows students to record and upload videos on specific topics with other classmates.

With the move, Microsoft continues its attempt to compete with Google, who has nearly cornered the education market with their Chromebooks and Google Classroom software. The tech giant hopes to integrate Flipgrid — which boasts more than 20 million users — with its Teams software, Microsoft’s answer to Google Classroom. Flipgrid already integrates with many Microsoft products, and the app will be maintaining its brand name during the transition to the Microsoft family.

Learn more about the acquisition here.

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