Merchant Boarding Made Effortless With TurboApp

Merchant Boarding

Growing your business is as much about everything that comes after a sale as it is the sale itself.


You can close deal after deal and add up the potential resulting revenue. But if you can’t make good on said deals and build a strong relationship with merchants from the start, you won’t reap the financial reward.


You need to provide the service sold to clients across every area of your business, especially as your business starts to scale. Word of mouth spreads fast and the last thing you need during a growth stage is to slow things down with poor quality deliverables and bad publicity.


At IRIS CRM, we know how important back-office operations are to keeping your service in the payment industry running. Front-facing departments may be the ones driving sales momentum but it’s the people and tools used behind-the-scenes that keep it steady.


With our TurboApp integration, boarding new merchants is a process made quick and easy. Here are some advantages to using it alongside your business’ operations.

The Advantages of Using IRIS CRM’s TurboApp

TurboApp offers a merchant boarding platform, centralized within IRIS CRM for effortless use across teams. It is also integrated with popular third-party processors like First Data, iPayment, TSYS, Nuvei (formerly known as Pivotal Payments), Priority, and Vanitiv.


The ease of use in starting a new application allows you to submit new merchants four to seven times faster. This, in turn, frees up time for your team to make more sales and better fulfill contracts.


Additionally, centralizing merchant boarding efforts to one easily accessible, integrated location minimizes the potential for manual data errors. This again saves time while ensuring profitability across all of your accounts.


With all of these advantages in mind, it’s no wonder that a team’s productivity can increase exponentially over time. In fact, using IRIS CRM’s TurboApp can help increase your team’s workload capacity by at least 500%.


How to Use IRIS CRM’s TurboApp

Getting started with IRIS CRM’s TurboApp comes down to a handful of clicks. You’ll be able to select the TurboApp menu on the top navigation bar. Or you can select the Board Merchant button.


Choose New Application from within TurboApp. A page will open that outlines a set of requirements for each new merchant going through boarding. You’ll need to provide corporate and location information, a voided check or bank letter, and the owner’s personal information.


The application in full takes about five minutes to complete. It can also be saved part way and revisited at a later date if needed.


At the end of the merchant boarding process, make sure to review all data entered before submitting to the selected processor. You can then print the application or save it as a PDF for future reference before submitting.


When you can submit new accounts faster, you give your sales team the ability to sell faster, too. More importantly, you instill trust in the merchants that choose to partner with your business — inevitably creating stronger, more long-lasting relationships.


Learn how IRIS CRM’s TurboApp can take your back office operations to the next level. Contact our team today for a free demo!


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