IRIS CRM Releases Revolutionary Merchant Import API For Easy New Acquirer Integrations

New Feature: IRIS CRM Releases Revolutionary Merchant Import API For Easy New Acquirer Integrations

IRIS CRM is thrilled to announce our revolutionary Merchant Import API which allows third-parties to become their own datasource within IRIS CRM by creating merchant data such as transactions, deposits, retrievals, chargebacks and statements.

By adding the ability to create new merchants and push merchant data into an IRIS CRM site from an external source, third-parties such as acquirers and processors can integrate directly with IRIS CRM autonomously without needing development resources from IRIS CRM. 

IRIS CRM’s Merchant Import API opens up the opportunity for more reporting integrations in one place. Processors, acquirers, and other ISOs can build their own datasource integrations with IRIS CRM by themselves with our approachable Open API. Now that our API has merchant creation and update commands, integrations can be built quicker than ever before to further improve the functionality for all IRIS CRM users. 

Clients are also able to utilize many of the new API commands to better manage merchants and connect their tools for more streamlined workflows. From creating merchant records to assigning users to merchants or adding memos, you have capability to further integrate your systems and customize them to your needs with IRIS CRM.

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IRIS CRM’s Merchant Import API includes commands for all of the following activities:

  • Create merchants
    • Includes lead creation and linking
  • Assign users to merchants
  • Update merchant account status data
  • Import Merchant Records:
    • Transactions
    • Adjustments
    • Batches and authorizations
    • Chargebacks
    • Retrievals
    • Merchant statements
    • 1099K statements
  • Upload attachments to dispute cases
  • Create Memos

You can find the list of new API commands on our public API page or add “/api/#tag/Merchants” to the end of your CRM’s URL. To begin utilizing these awesome new capabilities, all you will need to do is generate an API token in your user settings and connect your data through the API. Follow our Open API knowledge base article for more information about connecting to and

We are excited for the impact that our Merchant Import API will have on expanding the connectivity of IRIS CRM in order to enhance our clients ability to manage their portfolios. For assistance connecting to our API or any technical issues, please reach out to our Support Team. 

Looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of managing your merchant portfolio but you’re not already an IRIS CRM client? Learn how our Open API as well as lead, merchant, and residuals management offer a total solution to help scale your merchant services business by scheduling a demo with our team today.

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