Merchant Reporting By Card Type

Merchant Reporting By Card Type

Dive deeper into your merchant reporting with the additional breakdown of card type volume and transaction count. From the My Merchants page, you can now add the volume and transaction for the major card brands to your merchant reporting, plus other trackable card types including Fleet Cards, Pin-Debit, EBT, and Gift Cards, as well as all Other transactions. 

Breaking out this information and making it exportable from the My Merchants page will allow your organization to easily complete necessary merchant reporting requirements, whether you’re a Sponsor Bank or Wholesale ISO, or a Retail ISO looking for more detailed merchant information. 

Navigate to the /merchant page of your site to view the detailed card type reporting. Once there, click the icon next to search in the top-right of the table. Select the card type(s) volume and/or transaction count that you want to view and the table will update automatically:

Merchant Reporting Data Selection

Note: The My Merchants table supports a maximum of 40 columns. You may have to deselect already selected columns in order to select all of the desired card type details. 


Click-and-drag the column headers to reorder them in the table to organize the information in the most useful way for your reporting needs:

Drag and Drop Column


After you’ve selected your desired card type information and additional merchant reporting data, export the data using the Export button at the top next to search. Export format options include both CSV and XLS. Once you click one of the export formats, the merchant report will automatically begin downloading. 

Select Export Format


Once you open the exported file, you will see all of the same columns you previously selected:

Merchant Reporting Export


Now you’re ready to perform any additional analysis you need or provide the report directly to stakeholders to meet your merchant reporting requirements with ease!


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