Merchant Services CRM: A specific answer to a specific question

Merchant Services CRM

Merchant Services CRM

Merchant Services CRM solutions are the silver bullet for sales force automation.  We wonder how companies ever survived without them before.

IRIS CRM provides a robust and full-bodied suite of functions. Such as, automated lead management, residuals management, merchant on-boarding, ad-hoc report generation, and an easy to use interface and you have the recipe for a niche merchant services crm solution perfectly catered to ISOs.

A CRM solution was seen as a need for giant banks and big box stores up until a few years ago. Not anymore. Today any ISO worth their while needs error free data and operative efficiency.  These are the hallmarks of a good merchant services CRM. Think of it as a well-greased back office with a minimum margin for human error.  All while negating often prohibitive administrative costs and keeping the ISO competitive.


Why should you use a merchant services CRM?

Let’s talk benefits:

  • Many ISOs have a dispersed mobile workforce and the key to success is well-timed lead generation. And getting those leads in the hands of the field force in real-time. Solution, a CRM that unifies and trends promising leads and projects the data out to users on demand.
  • Operations today are lean and cannot sustain manual and error prone activities. Solution, a unified platform that can trawl instantaneously through masses of data, and generate ad-hoc reports customized to the need at hand.
  • Time is money for the ISO and their clients. An automated way to vet and onboard clients with minimal downtime, sets it apart from the competition. Add to it the ability to collate and expedite payouts and projections, and you have a model that is agile and sustainable.
  • A niche CRM solution is a better bet than a more generalized offering. It cuts down on the time it would take to customize the solution to the specific needs of an ISO.
  • Remote hosting of the application means the ISO doesn’t have to bear the burden of hosting and maintaining the infrastructure.

A business is only as efficient as its back office. With configurable alerts and notifications, an on the go sales force is much less likely to miss a deadline, a pending payment, or a timely lead.

Contact us for a solution tailored to the merchant services industry. Let us customize our robust portal and targeted suite of functions to your most pertinent concerns around error free and efficient operations in a mobile and dynamic environment.

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