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Merchant services crm

 Merchant Services CRM


In merchant services CRM news, Walmart has developed its own mobile payment wallet called Walmart Pay.

It is available on iOS and Android through the Walmart shopping app.

Walmart Pay does not use NFC to work so there was no change in terminals needed to process payments. The app uses QR code scanning to process payments.

Once the Walmart app is downloaded you can add a credit card to the Walmart Pay section of the app.

There is also a section for adding Walmart gift cards which makes keeping track of them easier. This makes processing Walmart gift cards stored on your phone easier at the register.

When checking out, press the Walmart Pay button on the terminal where you would otherwise designate credit or debit. The screen will then show a QR code for you to scan with your phone. Open the Walmart Pay part of the app and you will be ready to scan the QR code. Once scanned, the payment will be processed using your chosen method of payment on file and a digital receipt will be sent to your phone. You can request a paper receipt from the cashier if you need one.

Walmart Pay has the potential to save time in line because the new chip card readers can take a moment to process. Having a digital copy of your receipt sent to your phone immediately means that you don’t have to worry about losing your receipt if you need to make a return or an exchange. It will also be available automatically for Savings Catcher price matching use because it is all conveniently within the same app.

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