Merchant Services Dialer – Feature Update

Merchant Services Dialer

IRIS CRM added a great improvement to our integrated merchant services dialer this week.

Our merchant services dialer now allows for the enabling and disabling of call recording based on area code and by outgoing or incoming calls.

According to DMLP, at this time, eleven states require the consent of every party to a phone call or conversation.

California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, and Washington are currently two-party consent states.

The default recording setting for these 11 states is “off”.

All other area codes are set to “on”.

Recording rules can be configured differently for “Outgoing” and Incoming” for the same area code. For example, outgoing call recordings can be turned off for the 11 two-party consent states but incoming call recordings can be set to on because your IVR message says, “this call may be monitored or recorded”.

You can update the recording configuration of specific area codes by following the steps you see below:

Navigate to Manage > Administration > Manage Dialer Settings:


Merchant Services Dialer


Click the Manage Recordings Tab and follow the instructions you see:


Merchant Services Dialer

A toggle button appears when calling a disabled area code.  Use the toggle to manually turn on recording for that specific call:



Merchant Services Dialer

Using our merchant services dialer will allow you to:


  • Build A Full-Featured Call Center
  • Replace Your Current Phone System
  • Contact Up To 3 Times As Many Merchants
  • Close More Merchants Every Month!
  • Use Recordings To Train New Reps And Support Personnel


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