Mobile CRM and the Many Advantages of Mobile Lead Management

Mobile Lead Management

Customer resource management software is a mission-critical tool for all ISOs that prioritize growth. The sales and productivity features offered by high-end CRM platforms are invaluable to finding, signing, and serving new merchants, and, in turn, to your ISO’s residuals. But the major flaw in most traditional CRM platforms is that they’re web-only, requiring users to be sitting at a computer to use. IRIS CRM’s new mobile application solves that problem by putting the power of customer resource management at your team’s fingertips on all of their devices. That new mobile CRM capability is a game-changer that unlocks a whole new level of productivity and gives your team more control over how they interact with your CRM. 

What is Mobile CRM?

Mobile customer resource management is the practice of tying a mobile app into your primary standalone CRM system to provide users with access to certain primary functionality on the go. In the case of IRIS CRM, our new mobile app, available for both Android and iOS devices, provides users with mobile access to everything from lead management, to customer support management, to the built-in power dialer, to residuals reporting, merchant management, and more. 

Mobile CRM opens up a wide variety of opportunities and advantages to your ISO’s team, particularly in the area of lead collection and management – one of the most important functions in keeping a steady stream of quality merchants joining your roster. 

Advantage: More Agile Lead Collection

Lead management starts with the lead collection, and the most successful ISOs are the ones that do the best job at collecting a high volume of quality leads. CRM makes lead collection much easier, but web-based CRM that requires the users to be at their desks represents a major limitation because good leads can turn up anywhere, and good agents look for leads everywhere.

With mobile CRM, your agents can shed the shackles of their desks and begin collecting leads whenever the opportunity presents itself. Whether it’s an in-person meeting, a recommendation through a third-party, or any other source, all an agent needs to do to capture a lead with IRIS CRM is tap to open the app, tap the plus sign, and start entering vital information. It’s a huge difference-maker to your ISO’s lead collection and gives your agents more influence over their own earning potential. 

Advantage: Better Access to Key Lead Data

Your independent agents know the importance of being flexible, and that means their work doesn’t always follow a nine-to-five schedule. The merchants they bring in may reach out at any time, and the faster your team can respond, the more likely it is you’ll turn that prospect into a signed client. Mobile CRM gives your agents a major advantage over the competition by providing them with access to all of your ISO’s stored lead data, on their smartphones, at any time, whenever duty calls. 

Whenever an agent has a contact with a prospect away from their desks, they can access that lead’s complete data with ease, just like they can in the web-based version of IRIS CRM. A simple click on the lead’s profile will provide the agent with complete knowledge of that merchant’s vitals and all prior contacts. That ensures your agents can deliver the best possible sales process anywhere, at any time. 


Lead management is just one of the areas that IRIS CRM’s new mobile app opens up to your team no matter where they are or when they need to access your CRM. For more information on the app, its features, and how it integrates with IRIS CRM right from the first open, contact us today

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