Navigating the Idea Maze

The Mission Newsletter, 7/23/18

“Take risks, be bold and let your genius convert your fear into power and brilliance.” — Robert Kiyosaki

Your Idea Maze

Episode 61 of The Mission Daily

Every startup was born from a single idea. But getting to that right idea and growing it into success takes work. In today’s episode, Chad and Stephanie take you through some steps to help you navigate the idea maze.

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The Mission Daily is a podcast dedicated to accelerated learning and helping you become healthier, wealthier, and wiser. It is designed to help you learn — as fast as you possibly can.

From the Archives

The Miracles of Mathematics Will Make Your World More Vibrant

“For those who think life is boring, humdrum, or dull… I’d like to present a small solution. Enter one (or all) of these five gateways, and explore mathematical concepts on your own. You don’t have to ‘understand’ or grok them right away. Just hold them in your mind and revisit them over time.

You will find that your world becomes more mysterious and your life becomes a chaotic adventure. You might even find yourself emerged in a mystery.”

Read: The Miracles of Mathematics Will Make Your World More Vibrant​

News That Matters


If that low-fat milk isn’t doing it for you, we’ve got good news! 🐄 🐄

A recent study has indicated that people who drank whole milk had no higher rates of death than those who drank 2-percent, 1-percent, skim milk or any of the other substitutes. This is good news for the dairy industry, which has seen Americans go from drinking 30 gallons of milk per person per year in the 1970s to just 18 gallons per person now. This decrease is partially due to the fact that previous studies indicated that the fat content in milk, butter, and other dairy products was bad for your health.

“I think the big news here is that even though there is this conventional wisdom that whole-fat dairy is bad for heart disease, we didn’t find that,” says Marcia de Oliveira Otto, the lead researcher of the study and an assistant professor of epidemiology, human genetics, and environmental science at the University of Texas School of Public Health. “And it’s not only us. A number of recent studies have found the same thing.”


Earlier this year, a wealth management firm in New Zealand experimented with their workweek, allowing employees to work four days while still being paid for five. The results were so encouraging, the firm is looking to make the change permanent.

“Supervisors said staff were more creative, their attendance was better, they were on time, and they didn’t leave early or take long breaks,” Jarrod Haar, a human resources professor at Auckland University of Technology, said. “Their actual job performance didn’t change when doing it over four days instead of five.”

With less time, employees found themselves prioritizing more, working more collaboratively and enjoying their time off even more. And, as an added benefit, energy costs also decreased during the experiment!


Who are you? And is that person the same as who you were back when you were a teenager?

In the longest-running study on personality ever, researchers have found that who you are changes drastically throughout your life. In fact, it’s possible that your personality transforms beyond comprehension, meaning you when you’re 77 wouldn’t even recognize the 14-year-old version of yourself.

“The findings were a surprise to researchers because previous personality studies, over shorter periods of time, seemed to show consistency. Studies over several decades, focusing on participants from childhood to middle age, or from middle age to older age, showed stable personality traits. But the most recent study, covering the longest period, suggests that personality stability is disrupted over time. ‘The longer the interval between two assessments of personality, the weaker the relationship between the two tends to be,’ the researchers write. ‘Our results suggest that, when the interval is increased to as much as 63 years, there is hardly any relationship at all.’”

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Tech Trends

AT&T has said they want to roll out their 5G network to a dozen cities this year, and they just announced that Charlotte, Raleigh, and Oklahoma City will be joining Dallas, Atlanta, and Waco on the list of places getting connected.

T-Mobile has also unveiled plans for a 5G network, but customers from both networks are still waiting for devices that will be able to connect to 5G. Once those are unleashed, the speed with which the average user can connect to the internet and use other tech on their mobile devices will see sharp increases. So stay tuned!

Marketing Trends

Netflix and SiriusXM Radio are teaming up to produce a comedy channel, which will air on the satellite radio’s airwaves.

Currently being called Netflix Is a Joke Radio, the channel will both promote the wealth of stand-up and comedy specials already streaming on Netflix, and offer new, original content, which Sirius hopes will drive more subscribers to the service.

The channel is expected to launch in January 2019.

Education Trends

The band OK Go is famous for their complex and awesome music videos (if you haven’t watched them, stop what you’re doing and go here and here).

Planning the videos mixes elements of math, science, art, and music, which has inspired educators to use the videos as teaching tools in the classroom. Now, the band is teaming up with those teachers for a free online resource called OK Go Sandbox, where the musicians explain the concepts and science behind the videos and challenge students to use the same ideas in their lives.

The Best of What We Are Reading

“Sanity is actually a pretence, a way we learn to behave. We keep this pretence up because we don’t want to be rejected by other people — and being classified insane is to be shut out of the group in a very complete way.

Most people I meet are secretly convinced that they’re a little crazier than the average person. People understand the energy necessary to maintain their own shields, but not the energy expended by other people. They understand that their own sanity is a performance, but when confronted by other people they confuse the person with the role.

Sanity has nothing directly to do with the way you think. Its a matter of presenting yourself as safe.” ―Keith Johnstone

Read: Impro: Improvisation and the Theatre by Keith Johnstone

Writer Spotlights

Go To The Next Level Of Your Life Before You Feel Ready by Benjamin P. Hardy

40 Lessons The World Has Taught Me In 40 Years by Michael Thompson

Born To Be Unhappy. How We Can Overcome Our Own Biology. by Yinon Weiss

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