New Enhancement: Adding Images In CRM Email Templates

New Enhancement: Adding Images In CRM Email Templates

After the winter break, we’re back with more new updates!


We have just improved the way in which images are added to CRM email templates, by adding the ability to paste or drag & drop images right into the template’s HTML editor!


You no longer have to spend time looking for a file on your disk and then upload it manually it into the template. Instead, simply copy the image in your image editor and paste it in the appropriate location within the email template.


After you paste the image it will be automatically uploaded and saved in IRIS CRM, and you can then save your email template:



Similarly, you may also drag an image file from your disk and drop it in the appropriate location in the template.

The image will then be automatically saved and displayed in the template:



The supported file formats include JPEG, GIF, and PNG.


If needed, you may also add links to externally hosted images.

For a complete guide on managing template images please see our article on Adding Images to Email Templates.


Stay tuned for more cool updates coming soon as we’re just warming up!


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