New Enhancement: CRM Chat Permissions

New Enhancement: CRM Chat Permissions

We have just released the ability to configure CRM Chat Permissions!


The IRIS CRM chat feature is one of several communication tools that provide your team with a seamless communication capability, both with internal users and with your merchants.


With the new update, you can now fine-tune the chat permissions according to your needs. The chat permissions can be set for individual Users, User Groups or User Classes.


Here is a quick breakdown of the new functionality.


Managing Chat Permissions


To manage your Chat Permissions navigate to Manage > Administration > Chat > Chat Permissions. The Manage Chat Settings page will open up showing the chat Permissions and the Log tabs:



To add a new chat permission on the Permissions tab, select a specific User, User Group or User Class in the “Scope” drop-down in the “From” section.

After that, use the “Selection” drop-down to select a specific User, User Group or User Class within the scope you selected:



Next, do the same in the “To” section:



Finally, toggle the “Access” button to enable or disable the chat permission. If the permission is enabled the “Access” button will turn green and if it’s disabled it will run gray.

When finished, click “Add Rule”  in order to save the new permission:



In the below example, the Basic User Class has been disabled from chatting to the Manager User Class.

If you would like to modify the permission for a specific “From” and “To” pair, simply toggle the “Access” button and the new permission will be automatically saved.

To delete a specific Chat permission, click the “Delete” button for that permission:



On the Manage Chat Settings page, you can also view chat logs. To view a chat log for a specific chat room, open the “Log” tab, select the chat room in the “Chat Room” drop-down, and your chat log will be automatically shown:



Tip: To find a specific room faster, type the name of the User or the Public Channel and the drop-down menu will show the matching results.


Stay tuned for more updates and improvements coming soon!!


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