New Enhancement: CRM Field Change History

New Enhancement: CRM Field Change History

IRIS CRM now provides you with the ability to track the CRM Field Change History!


Add more clarity to your sales processes and resolve potential issues faster by seeing exactly who changed what fields and when!


Here is the lowdown.


Viewing the Field Change History


In order to view the changes made to any of your Lead fields click on the “Last Saved” link in the “Current Lead Status” widget:



Your Field History” report will pop up as shown in the below example screenshot.

The report shows the fields that have been modified including the old and new field values, the time when the fields were modified, the source of the new value, and the user who made the modification:



You may sort the report in ascending or descending order by clicking on any of the column header names, or perform a search using the “Search” box:



Finally, you may also export your report to a CSV or an Excel file using the “Export” button:



Things are never quiet at IRIS CRM, so stay tuned for more cool updates coming soon!


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