New Enhancement: Download All Button Added To Increase File Management Efficiency

New Enhancement: Download All Button Added To Increase File Management Efficiency

We’re happy to share a new enhancement for IRIS CRM’s Attachments page for each lead, adding a Download All Button to increase file management efficiency for all clients!

IRIS CRM clients can now download multiple or all of the files attached to a lead at once instead of having to select and download each file individually, which required unnecessary time and manual effort in the past. In just a few seconds, your team can now download any or all files attached to any particular lead, which will save time when needing to download multiple files at once.

The Download All Button has been released and is available for every IRIS CRM client under the Attachments tab in your lead page. The Download All button is an enhancement to our Lead Attachments tab, which also includes the ability to generate applications and other PDFs, upload documents, and email or delete attached files as needed. Lead Attachments ensure that everyone on your team can view all of the information and documents for a specific lead, all in one place in just a few clicks.

The new Download All Button comes on the heels of another powerful IRIS CRM improvement, which gave users the ability to Copy Attachments and Notes When Duplicating a Lead. Learn how the Download All Button works below!


How It Works

Step 1: Find Your Lead

To start, head to the lead page from which you would like to download multiple attachments.


Step 2: Navigate to the Attachments tab

In your lead you will see the Attachments tab containing any applications, files, and more attached to the specific lead. Next to each, there is a check box that you can select to include that specific file in your multi-file download via the Download Files button:

Check Boxes


Certain users may not be able to download all attachments, depending on their user permissions which control the types of files that each user class can download, upload, and/or delete. Files that you are not permitted to download will have the checkbox next to them grayed out and will not be able to be downloaded through the Download All button:

Grayed Out Check Box for Unavailable Download All Files


Step 3: Select Your Files and Download

Now it’s time to select the files you’d like to download as a batch. If needed, you can simply click Select All and all files available for download will be automatically selected:

Select All Button Download All Files


Finally, click to select Download Files and press Apply for X Files, X being the number of selected files:

Download All Button + Apply for Files


When selecting 3 or fewer files, each file will be downloaded individually. For 4 or more files, they will be downloaded into a ZIP file with the lead name as the file name.

We hope your business can work more efficiently than ever with the ability to download lead files in batches, rather than one by one. For a full tour of all of the incredible features IRIS CRM has to offer for clients, schedule your risk-free guided demonstration with our expert team today!

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