New Enhancement: First Data North Multi-Location Merchant Boarding

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New Enhancement: First Data North Multi-Location Merchant Boarding

Boarding First Data North multi-location merchants has just gotten easier!!

When you start a new First Data North TurboApp you will now see a new menu allowing you to select the number of locations:

Depending on how many locations you select, the next step will show a tab for each location where you can upload the supporting documents:

When you reach the Locations page of the TurboApp, you will be able to fill in additional details on each location:

Once the process is completed, review the entered information (including info on each location) and submit the app:

IRIS CRM bridges the gap between the sales team and the boarding team and streamlines boarding for multiple processors via its TurboApp tool.

ISOs using TurboApp can expect:

  • More approvals every month
  • Reduction or elimination of boarding errors
  • A happier and more easily trained operations team

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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