New Enhancement: Google Maps Integration

Google Maps Integration

Entering a client’s address information has just gotten easier. We are pleased to announce that your favorite Merchant Services CRM now integrates with Google Maps.

The new integration enables you to automatically fill in the address fields by selecting matching search results returned by Google Maps.


Simply start typing the address in the address field, and select the correct address from a dropdown picklist that appears:


Select the correct address from a dropdown picklist


Once you select the address, all of the address fields are automatically populated:


Fields auto populated


To view the address location on Google Maps simply click on the Search Map button next to the address field.


Enabling Google Maps Search


As part of the new enhancement rollout, we have updated all address fields on your CRM site to support the Google Maps search, so no further steps are needed on your part.


If needed though, you can also enable the Google Maps search in your address fields manually. Here’s how:


Navigate to Manage > Administration > Leads > Manage Lead Fields, locate the Address field, and open the field’s properties by clicking on the Edit button:


Edit Field


Next, select ‘Address‘ as the Field Type, and click on the Options button.

In the popup window which appears, select the “Enable Google Maps Search” checkbox, and then select all of the address fields that will be populated with the search results:


Enable Google Maps Search


Note: In order for the address fields to be populated correctly, the names of the fields must include the words ‘Address’, ‘Zip’, ‘City’, or ‘State’.

For example, the first address field may be also called “DBA Address’ and it would still populate correctly (as the field name includes the word ‘Address’ in it).


Once you have updated the address field save your changes and try to run a simple search on a lead to make sure the search works as expected.


Enabling ZIP Code Autofill


While you’re editing the address fields you may also opt to enable the ZIP Code Autofill feature.

This is a useful feature if you only know the client’s ZIP code, and also want to enter the state and city information.

To enable ZIP Code Autofill simply open the ZIP field’s properties, select the “Enable ZIP Code Autofill” checkbox, and then select the city, state, and ZIP fields to autofill:


Enable Zip Code


Once the feature is enabled, try entering a few numbers of a ZIP code on the lead.

A picklist is now shown with the matching ZIP codes you can select:


Zip Code


After you select a ZIP code from the list, the ZIP, City, and State fields are filled in automatically:


Zip Filled Automatically



And there you go. We hope you enjoy using our latest CRM integration.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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