New Enhancement: Helpdesk Checklists

New Enhancement: Helpdesk Checklists

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM has a new enhancement that will help your team build lists of tasks by creating a Helpdesk Checklist! 

A helpdesk checklist consists of one or more tasks that need to be completed before a helpdesk ticket can be changed to a Resolved status.

Each checklist item can be created with short instructions and require a supporting file to be uploaded prior to completing a specific task.

By adding checklists to different types of tickets, you can now streamline your support workflows even more and make things easier for your support staff.

Let’s check it out!

Creating A Checklist

To add a checklist to an existing ticket type open the Manage Ticket Types page (Manage > Administration > Helpdesk > Ticket Types) and click on the Edit button for the type that you wish to edit: 



The Edit Type dialog will open as shown in the below example:



To add new items to the ticket checklist click on the Add New List Item.

For each new item added you will need to enter a short item description, and optionally upload a supporting file and select the item completion rules:



Here is the explanation of the item completion rules:

  • Item Required to Create Ticket — Select this option if you want the user to perform a specific action before the new ticket is created. The user will need to perform the action in the item description and then check the item off on the ticket (the Add Ticket button will be grayed out until the item is checked off).
  • File Required to Create Ticket — Select this option if you want the user to upload a file to the ticket item according to the instructions in the item description. The user will only be able to check off the item after a file is uploaded.


After you’ve created and saved your checklist, new tickets created with that ticket type will now show the new checklist at the bottom of the new ticket dialog:



Checklist items shown with a red asterisk will need to be completed before the ticket is created. 

After a new ticket is added the checklist will be displayed on the ticket page where it can be updated as the ticket is being worked on:



Whenever a checklist item is checked off by a user the information will be saved in the Comments section on the ticket. 


And there you go! We hope you’ll enjoy using the new feature. 


Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates coming soon!  


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