New Enhancement: Update Lead Assignments with Lead Importer

New Enhancement: Update Lead Assignments with Lead Importer

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM has received a new enhancement—the ability to update lead assignments via the Lead Importer.


The Lead Importer enables ISOs to import leads into the system from CSV files, as well as to update fields on existing leads.


With the latest update, we have now added the ability to also update the user, campaign, source, status state, and group assignments for existing leads.


Updating Leads

When you’re importing a CSV file into the CRM now, you can also select advanced mappings to update existing leads.


For example, to assign a new user to an existing lead, type “Assign to” in the lead field dropdown on the import mapping page, and a list of lead assignment options will be displayed.

You can now select to update the lead’s assigned user via the Username or the User ID option (depending on what user information you have in your CSV file):



After you’ve selected the appropriate option, the Advanced Options column on the right will provide additional options for user re-assignment.

You may choose to assign the new user in addition to the existing user, or you may replace the existing user with the new one:



You can follow a similar procedure when updating the lead’s campaignsourcestatus state, and group, except here you will need to select the “Overwrite” option in the Advanced Options column:



Note that you can also mass update leads from My Leads page, by filtering for specific leads, and then applying mass actions. More info: Managing Leads

Using the Lead Importer to update the leads provides additional flexibility, as you can automatically update leads in different status states, groups, etc.


For more information on how to import leads into the CRM please see our knowledge base article on the Lead Importer.


We hope you enjoy using the new enhancement.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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