New Enhancement: Important CRM Note Tagging

New Enhancement: Important CRM Note Tagging

As promised, we’re back with more updates! This time we’ve improved the CRM notes functionality by adding the important CRM note tagging feature.


During a sales cycle, users typically create a large number of notes.  Additionally, the system itself generates different types of notes such as event notes, status notes, and others.


Between all such notes, it is easy to lose sight of the important or actionable notes. However, with the new feature users can now easily pin important notes to the top of the list.


Pinning the Notes


To pin a Note to the top of the Notes tab open the Note for editing, check the “Pin Note” checkbox and save the changes:



Your Note will now appear on top of the Notes tab and a pin icon will be attached to the Note, as seen in this image:



To unpin a Note, simply click on the pin icon. A confirmation prompt will appear and after you click “Continue” the Note will be unpinned:



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Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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