New Enhancement: Publish Residuals Reports

New Enhancement: Publish Residuals Reports

Publishing your Residuals Reports has just gotten easier!!


We have added several improvements to your favorite Merchant Services CRM enabling you to better control the residuals report publishing process.

You can now make sure that your users get access to the reports in a timely manner and publish or unpublish reports with a single click!


Let’s take a closer look!


Importing Residuals Reports


After you import a residuals report into your CRM and the final popup message is shown, you will be able to publish your report directly from the popup:



The status column on the reports tab of the Import Residuals page has also been updated to show if a report is published or unpublished:



By clicking on the status link you can publish (or unpublish) a report:



On the Residuals Reports page we have also improved the eye icons which are shown near the report title and used to indicate if a report is published or not:



To publish an unpublished report simply click on the crossed out eye icon, which will then change to the normal eye icon. Click again, and the report will be unpublished—as simple as that!


If you uploaded more than one report for a processor, then you will see multiple eye icons which are used to publish or unpublish each of the uploaded reports.


To see which report an eye icon corresponds to, simply hover your mouse over the icon and a tooltip will appear showing the Report ID #, date of upload, and the person who made the upload:



And there you go! We hope you enjoy using the new improvements.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!!

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