New Enhancement: Quick Email Editor

Featured Functionality

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM has just been updated with an improved email editor.


We added a few new features, starting with the built-in spell checker.


Words spelled incorrectly are now highlighted with a red underline. To fix the spelling simply right-click on the word and select from one of the offered alternatives:



Next, you can now use the Special Fields dropdown to insert a lead field into your email.

When your email gets sent out, the field placeholder is automatically replaced with the field’s value:



Finally, we have also made it easier for you to open the email editor.

In addition to clicking on the Edit button, you can now also simply click anywhere in the message body and the email will switch to the edit mode automatically:



While you’re in the edit mode you can insert images in your email by copy/pasting or several other methods.

More info: Adding Images To Emails


Learn more about the other cool email features in our article on Sending Emails.


We hope you enjoy using the new improvements.


Stay tuned for more new features and updates coming soon!


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