New Enhancement: Residuals Report Visibility Permissions

Residuals Reporting

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM has just been updated with an important new feature—the Residuals Report Visibility Permissions!


Our latest residual reporting update enables ISOs to have greater control over their residuals report visibility by setting up access permissions!

The permissions can be enabled for groups, user classes, and users to enable or disable visibility on a per-report basis.


With the new feature you can now manage your agent payouts more efficiently, by showing only the residuals reports for which the agents are getting paid!


Let’s take a closer look!


Adding Access Permissions


To add access permissions to a residuals report, open the Imported Residual Reports tab on the Import Residuals page and click on the ‘lock’ icon:



A popup will appear which allows you to select groups, user classes, and users that will be allowed to view the report:



The options you select will be shown in the popup immediately.

If needed, you can also remove the selected items by clicking on the ‘delete’ icon:



After you set the access permissions on a report, the color of the ‘lock’ icon will change to red, indicating that the report is not available to all users:



You may also mass update the permissions for multiple residuals reports using the Permissions Mass Update widget (shown just below the residual reports table):



Simply select a processor, month, and year of the residuals reports that you wish to update.

As you’re selecting your filters, the widget will automatically show the total number of reports that will be affected by your current selection:



If you don’t select any options in the widget, then the permissions will be updated for ALL residual reports.


After you’ve selected your options, click Update Permissions and the report visibility popup will appear where you can add groups, user classes, and users (in the same way as when updating a single report).

After you click Save on the popup, the permissions will be updated and a confirmation message shown:



Residuals Import

The residuals report access permissions can also be set while you’re importing a new residuals report into the CRM.

A new option has been added to the residuals mapping page which makes the report’s visibility easy to control:



If you’d like to change the access permission, uncheck the display report option and click on the Permissions button which will appear automatically below the Advanced options table.

Proceed to select the groups, user classes, or users who will be allowed to view the report and click Save:




And there you go! We hope you enjoy using the new feature.


Stay tuned for more updates coming real soon!!

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