New Enhancement: Set Column Visibility In Residuals Reports

New Enhancement: Set Column Visibility In Residuals Reports

As an ISO, you know that residual income reporting is a complicated and time-consuming process. Building residuals reports without the right tools can quickly turn into a nightmarish scenario, wasting your valuable time and resources.

With the right tools though, the residuals reporting process can be streamlined and almost completely automated, giving you more time to focus on what’s really important—which is to board more new accounts and keep your current customers happy and growing!

IRIS CRM provides automated residual income reporting for over 50 processors and ACH payments directly to sales reps!

By providing your ISO with the right info at the right time, IRIS CRM helps you generate more sales and profits while at the same time ensuring timely and accurate agent payouts!

The residuals reporting system can be easily customized to your demands and provide a detailed breakdown of revenue by processor, user, group and many more categories.

Also, the system is being continually improved to provide more cool features and customization options to our clients!

Column Visibility Permissions

The latest such feature we just released is the ability to configure the residuals reports column visibility!

With the new feature, you can now select which users, user classes, or groups will have access to specific report columns on the Summary tab of your Residuals Reports.

The visibility settings are set up per residual report mapping. The setting/mapping that the import was handled under determines if the columns will be hidden.

To configure the column visibility permissions for a specific processor navigate to Manage > Administration > Processors > Processor Settings, and click on the Column Visibility icon as shown in this screenshot:

A popup window will now appear showing a list of the available columns.

Click on the Gear icon on the column that you wish to edit:

You can now select the users, user classes, and groups who will be allowed to access the column:

If no users, user classes, or groups have been selected then the column will be visible to everyone.

After you’ve assigned a column to specific users, the Gear icon will turn red to indicate that visibility permissions have been set for that column:

Here is an example of the Summary tab with the TXN # column hidden from view (based on the column visibility setting for the current user):

Any hidden columns will also be excluded from the reports that are exported to CSV or Excel files.

And there you go! We hope you’ll enjoy using the new feature!

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Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!!

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