New Enhancement: Set Helpdesk Ticket SLAs In Business Days

Set Helpdesk Ticket SLAs In Business Days

We have just released a new enhancement to the IRIS CRM Helpdesk. Users can now set Helpdesk Ticket SLAs in business days on Helpdesk Ticket Types.


Helpdesk Ticket Types are custom types of tickets that you can set up with different workflows for resolving specific types of issues.

For example, a ticket type used for handling PCI Compliance requests can be configured to auto-assign users who are best suited to resolve such types of issues.


You can even set up Ticket Checklists to instruct the users on the steps needed to resolve a ticket.

A user assigned to such a ticket will need to complete each task in the checklist and check it off before the ticket is resolved.


The latest enhancement further improves the flexibility of the Helpdesk and increases its ability to help you manage customer support more efficiently.


Let’s take a closer look.


Adding A New Ticket Type

To add a new ticket type, navigate to Manage > Administration > Helpdesk > Ticket Types and click the Add New Ticket Type button.

A popup window now appears where you can configure the new ticket type.


Note the new checkbox that has been added in the “Days to Resolve” section, where you can now select to count only the business days:


Count Business Days Only


If you select this option, the ticket due dates will be set for each new ticket by counting the number of business days from the day the ticket was created (excluding Saturdays and Sundays):


Ticket SLA

The Manage Ticket Types page where you can manage all your ticket types has also been updated, and now includes an additional Business Day Only column:


Business Days Only


We hope you enjoy using the new enhancement.


And don’t forget, the IRIS CRM Mobile App is also available on your iPhone and Android devices.

You can use the mobile app to create new tickets and updates existing ones as necessary, ensuring continuity of support and easy access to the IRIS CRM team regardless of where your business may take you.


You can download the mobile app by clicking on the below buttons.


AppStore  Google Play


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!



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