New Enhancement: Visual SLAs for Tickets

IRIS CRM Helpdesk SLAs

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM comes with numerous helpdesk tools to ensure that your team stays on top of their game and provides outstanding customer service at all times. A recent product update now also brings the SLA statuses to your Helpdesk dashboard, giving you a bird’s eye view of the tickets’ SLAs.


The SLA statuses are displayed in a new column in the Helpdesk called “Due”.

The “Due” column shows the times remaining to resolve tickets (in green), and the times elapsed after the ticket’s SLA target was missed (in red).

Here is a screenshot of the new column:


Due Date Column


If a ticket does not have an SLA defined, then the “Due” column shows “n/a” on that ticket.

The “Due” column can be sorted in ascending or descending order so that you can easily spot overdue tickets.

You can also filter your tickets by selecting the Due Date filter and the desired date range:


Due Date Filter


If you need to change a ticket’s SLA, simply open the ticket, hover your mouse on the right side of the Due Date row, and click on the Edit icon which appears:


Change Ticket SLA


A date/time picker now shows up where you can select a new date and time, and save the changes.

After saving your changes the SLA label is also automatically updated and shows the new required time to resolution (eg. 1 Day).


If a ticket is resolved in time, then the SLA label text changes to “SLA Met”. And if not, then the SLA label shows the amount of time that the SLA target was missed by:




Here are some of the other features found in your ISO Helpdesk CRM:

  • Customizable ticket types and assignment rules
  • Automated notifications and SLA reminders
  • Integrations with Gmail and Microsoft Outlook
  • Customizable ticket workflows and checklists
  • Detailed and flexible helpdesk reporting


We hope you enjoy using the new enhancement.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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