New Enhancement: Status Trigger Notifications

Status Trigger Notifications

IRIS CRM is pleased to announce the rollout of a new enhancement to your favorite Merchant Services CRM. The new enhancement enables ISOs to send email notifications to selected users whenever a lead’s status changes—using the email address of the user who made the change.


The notifications are sent out automatically via the CRM’s Status Triggers feature which is used to automate many of the typical tasks related to progressing of leads through the sales cycle.


Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using Status Triggers and how to begin using the new enhancement right away!


Status States & Triggers

The CRM’s Status States feature enables your business to determine the exact path that your sales and other departmental processes will follow in order to progress a record from the lead stage all the way through your customer lifecycle workflow.

The flow is managed by moving leads through the different Status States in several Status Categories, all of which can be customized to suit your specific needs:



Based on the Status States you can also generate lead reports to help you better manage your sales pipeline and forecasts.


In order to manage the flow of your leads even more efficiently, you can use Status Triggers in combination with the Status States.


The Status Triggers enable you to automatically perform different kinds of tasks whenever a lead status is changed or a lead stays in a specific status for a predetermined period of time (for example if a lead stays in the “New” status for more than 2 days).


Here are some of the tasks that you can perform automatically when a trigger is activated:

  • Notify assigned users of a Status Change
  • Send a notification to an email address that is listed on a lead or a customer record
  • Change the lead’s status to a different one
  • Disable a user that is linked to a lead based on a set of created rules


Newest Status Trigger Enhancement

To create a new Status Trigger, navigate to Manage > Administration > Leads > Status States & Triggers, click Add/Remove States in the appropriate status category (eg. “Qualifying”), and click Add New Trigger.

The new trigger’s options will be displayed as shown in the below image:


Add New Trigger


After selecting the desired trigger events you can also select the sender who will be used to send out notifications once the trigger is activated.


To send Status Trigger notifications from the user who changes the lead status, simply select the Acting User option under the Set Sender From Email setting:


Acting User option


If a lead’s status is not changed by a user (but instead via a REST or POST API call) then the status change notification will be sent using the group’s default sender email.


When you set the sender email to an Acting User or a selected user, then the notification emails sent from such a user will also be displayed the Email Metrics and Sales Metrics report for that user.


In addition to the new Acting User setting, we have also improved the way in which existing status triggers are managed.

To edit an existing trigger, simply click on the pencil icon on that trigger:

Acting User setting


The trigger’s settings are now shown in a popup where you can edit them and save your new changes:


Save your new changes


For more information on managing your Status States & Triggers check out our knowledgebase articles on Status States and Status Triggers.


We hope you enjoy using the new feature.

Stay tuned for more cool updates coming soon!


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