New Enhancement: Sync Outlook Emails

Outlook Emails

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM now automatically syncs your Outlook emails with CRM leads!

The new enhancement is a part of the Microsoft Outlook Integration which was released earlier this year. 

The integration enables ISOs to:

  • Send emails to leads from a personal Outlook account. 
  • Set up Outlook email for group notifications when new lead notes are posted.
  • Set up Outlook email for Helpdesk notifications on new ticket comments.
  • Designate an Outlook email for ticket creation (for example

Learn more about these features in our Outlook Integration post.

The new enhancement improves the way in which Outlook emails are synced with the CRM. Let’s check it out!

Syncing Your Email

To sync your Outlook account with the CRM, click on the Manage Emails button on your user settings page, and then click on the Outlook button:

Manage Emails button

You will be re-directed to the Outlook authentication page where you will need to sign in and authorize IRIS CRM to connect to your account. 

Once completed, the new account will be shown in your list of additional emails:

New account will be shown in your list

At this point, you’re ready to start sending emails using your Outlook account (either from IRIS CRM or from Outlook). 

When you send an email to an existing CRM lead from Outlook, the outbound email will be automatically added to the lead as a new note:

Email will be automatically added to the lead as a new note

When your lead replies, their email will appear both in your Outlook account and on the lead:

Their email will appear both in your Outlook account and on the lead

If you are logged into IRIS CRM, you will also see a notification on the incoming email:

Incoming Email notification popup

Note that if you have more than one lead set up with the same email address, IRIS CRM will automatically sync only the most recently updated lead. 

To avoid any potential issues arising from lead duplication, we recommend that you periodically check for duplicates using the Dupe Checker

Email Binding Configuration

The Outlook email sync is performed via the lead email fields that have been enabled for Email Binding in the field’s settings:

Email Binding settings

By way of an example, here is a lead with two email fields, both of which have been enabled for email binding:

Two email fields

Emails sent from the synced Outlook account to either of the two addresses in the above example will be automatically added to the “123 Enterprises” lead.

Similarly, if a lead response is sent to the Outlook account from either of the registered email addresses, the response will also appear on the “123 Enterprises” lead as a new note.

In order to ensure that the inter-company and similar communications are ignored from coming into the CRM, you can add email address pairs which will be ignored by the CRM.

Navigate to Manage > Administration > Email > Email Binding Configuration and add as many email address pairs as needed:

Email Binding Configuration

To pair all email addresses in a specific domain, add a star character (*) before the ‘@’ symbol in the email address (for example *

When you add an email pair, the combination of these emails will be ignored from coming into the CRM (regardless of which of the two addresses an email is sent from). 

And there you go! We hope you enjoy using the new enhancement.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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