New Enhancement: Terminal Numbers Added to IRIS CRM Reporting

Terminal Numbers Added to Reporting

We are very happy to announce that terminal numbers have been added to IRIS CRM reporting! Merchants and ISOs can now see and reconcile batches and transactions attributed to a particular device right from their IRIS CRM site, when the data is available from the processor.

The ability to view terminal numbers in IRIS CRM’s unified reporting suite will be especially valuable for ISOs and merchants using multiple terminals or software builds through a single merchant account. In the past, every batch would be grouped solely by batch ID which made it virtually impossible to understand batches and transactions specific to a particular device.

To address this challenge, we added the ability to filter both transactions and batches by the specific terminal number they were processed through, which will make reporting and reconciling batches and transactions far more convenient with increased efficiency.

Terminal numbers, referred to as Terminal ID by Fiserv First Data and V Number by TSYS, are now available for merchants alongside IRIS CRM’s batch and transaction reporting – accessible via the Deposits tab for Fiserv First Data Omaha merchants and the Batches tab for TSYS Wholesale merchants. IRIS CRM’s merchant-level batch and transaction reporting ensures that you have a full view of how each merchant is performing and the value they are driving for your ISO each and every day – and now, also at the specific terminal level with the new terminal numbers in IRIS CRM.


How To View Terminal Numbers in IRIS CRM

To view terminal numbers, you can navigate to the Deposits tab (for Fiserv First Data Omaha merchants) or the Batches tab (for TSYS merchants). 

In the Deposits tab for Fiserv First Data Omaha merchants, you will now see Terminal Number on the far right of the table:

Terminal ID Data Added To Reporting


For TSYS Wholesale merchants, you’ll find the Terminal Number row under the Batches tab:

Daily Batches


Each batch is now labeled with its specific terminal number, allowing your team to see exactly which terminals are associated with batches and transactions.

You can also sort or filter results by Terminal Number via the search bar at the top right of the table. Note: Searches through the search bar will include results from all tables, not just Terminal Number. 

Reconciling batches and transactions has never been more convenient! If you are interested in learning more about this new feature and all of the powerful IRIS CRM tools that help ISOs and ISVs save time and accelerate growth, schedule your guided demonstration of IRIS CRM today!

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