New Enhancement: TSYS Real-Time Merchant Maintenance

New Enhancement: TSYS Real-Time Merchant Maintenance

We are pleased to announce a new feature in your favorite Merchant Services CRM — the TSYS Merchant Real-Time Maintenance!


You can now update your merchant’s TSYS account information in real-time without ever leaving IRIS CRM!


Here’s the lowdown.


Updating Merchant Data From The Merchant Details Page


To update your merchant’s information go to the Account Status tab on the Merchant Details page and click on the pencil icon next to the information that you wish to edit:




Depending on what type of information you’re currently updating, a corresponding Helpdesk ticket with a matching ticket type will be automatically created.

For example, if you click on the pencil icon for the “DBA Name” information, then a new ticket will be automatically created with “TSYS –  Manage Demographics (Auto)” ticket type.

After editing and saving the new ticket, the merchant’s TSYS information will be updated and the ticket’s status will be set to “Resolved”.

In order to view the outcome of the operation, check the System comment in the created ticket which provides a description of the new changes as well as the TSYS response code:



Updating Merchant Data From The Helpdesk


Alternatively, you can also perform updates from the Helpdesk using these steps:


  1. Create a new Helpdesk ticket, select the merchant you wish to edit, select one of the TSYS ticket types, and submit the ticket.
  2. Depending on which TSYS ticket type you selected, a corresponding form will be opened enabling you to edit the information for the selected merchant and save your changes.
  3. After your changes are saved the ticket’s status will be changed to “Resolved”. You can then check the ticket’s comments in order to confirm that the selected maintenance operation was completed successfully.


There are six different types of TSYS tickets as shown in this screenshot:



For more information on each TSYS ticket type and how it is used please see this article in our Knowledge Base.


Note: In order to make changes to merchant data you will need the “Edit Account Info” permission enabled in your User Class:



More updates coming soon so stay tuned!


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