New Enhancement: TSYS TurboApp Card Brand MCC Participation

New Enhancement: TSYS TurboApp Card Brand MCC Participation

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM has just been updated with a new addition to its TSYS TurboApp feature—the ability to set Card Brand specific MCC codes!

Based on the TSYS Express Boarding SDK February update, the new feature now shows 4 new fields in the Merchant Parameters section:

When the Card Brand MCC Participation option is enabled, the MCC fields will be shown for all four card brands.

If the option is disabled, the MCC fields will be shown only for Visa and MasterCard.

By default, all MCC fields will be automatically populated with the code that is entered in the first MCC field. However if needed you can still edit each MCC field individually.

In addition to the new MCC fields we have also added new terminal-level MCC options, and updated the business logic for the Serial Number validation based on the new SDK improvements.

More updates are on the way so stay tuned!

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