New Enhancement: Upload Lead Files To TurboApp

Upload Lead Files To TurboApp

The TurboApp has just received a new enhancement—the ability to upload lead files in new applications.

The TurboApp offers a merchant boarding platform, enabling ISOs to board merchants to most of the major processors four to seven times faster than traditional manual entry, resulting in capacity improvements of up to 500%.

With today’s update, we have made it even easier to add supporting files to TurboApp applications, by simply selecting files already attached to the lead.

Let’s take a look at the new enhancement and how you can begin using it today.

Uploading TurboApp Files

When a new TurboApp is started from the lead, the TurboApp automatically shows the lead files on the file upload page, based on the files’ labels.

You can then simply select those files to be sent with the application:


Pick Lead File


In case the files you needed are not shown on the list, you can select such files by either uploading them from your disk (using the Select File(s) button) or by selecting other lead files.

To select the other lead files click Attach Lead File(s) button, and a popup window will appear, showing a list of the remaining lead files.

You can then select the required files and add them to the application:



Attach Lead Files


If you do not have permission to upload documents to TurboApp for a specific document label, then an error message will be displayed:


Upload Error


If needed, you can then enable the TurboApp upload permission for such labels on the Administration page.

Navigate to Manage > Administration > Documents > Labels, click the Permissions button on the label you wish to update, and then enable the Upload permission for the desired user, user class, or user group:


Add New Permission


Once the documents have been uploaded you can also remove them, using the Remove File icons:


Remove Files


For more information on the TurboApp please see our TurboApp Knowledge Base Guides.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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