New Enhancements: Import Line Items & Select Ticket Due Dates

New Enhancements: Import Line Items & Select Ticket Due Dates

Your favorite Merchant Services CRM has just received two new updates—the ability to Import Residuals Line Items and Select Ticket Due Dates.


The residuals line items help ISOs to make adjustments in their residuals reports by adding income or expense line items to users or merchants.

Previously, the adjustments could only be made one line item at a time. With the new update though, it is now possible to add multiple line items all at once, by uploading a simple Excel template.


We have also been working on Helpdesk improvements and have now added the ability to select the ticket due dates.

A ticket due date is automatically set at the time of ticket creation based on the SLA rules set in the ticket’s type.

For example, a ticket’s due date may be set at 3 days from the date of ticket creation.

If the selected ticket type does not have a due date set, then it is possible to select one manually on the ticket.


Let’s take a closer look and see how you can begin using the new features today!


Line Item Importer


To import new line items into the CRM open the Manage Line Items page by navigating to Manage > Administration > Residuals > Line Items.


Once you’re on the page, click on the Line Item Importer button and download the Line Item Import Template from the popup that shows up.

Next, fill in the template with the new line items and save your changes.

Finally, select the template again in the popup window and click on the Start Import button:



Here is a screenshot of the Excel template and the available columns that you can fill in:



Depending on what item type is selected in column A in the template, you will need to enter either a merchant’s MID number or a username to apply the line item to.


Once the import of the new line items is completed a confirmation message will be shown in the top-right corner:



You can learn more about managing line items in our knowledge base article on Line Items.


Select Ticket Due Date


When you’re creating a new ticket you’ll now find a new date picker field on the ticket which you can use to select the ticket’s due date:



If the selected ticket type is set with a due date rule, then the ticket will be automatically set with the appropriate due date (eg. 3 days from the date of when the ticket is created):




Once the ticket is created, it is now also possible to update the ticket’s due date manually, to allow for situations where a ticket cannot be resolved in the allotted time frame.

To change the ticket’s due date, hover your mouse over the due date field and click on the Edit icon which appears on the right side:



You can now select a new due date and save your changes:



The changes made to the ticket’s due date are also saved in the ticket’s comments automatically.

Note that the ticket’s due date is not visible to the merchants.


To learn more about managing Helpdesk tickets take a look at our knowledge base article on Creating And Updating Helpdesk Tickets.


We hope you enjoy using the new features.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!


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