New Dialer Enhancements: Call Waiting, Missed Call Reporting & Call Queues

New Dialer Enhancements: Call Waiting, Missed Call Reporting & Call Queues

We just added several new enhancements to the IRIS CRM Dialer!!


These enhancements include improved notifications of missed calls, call waiting and improved Dialer Metrics reporting.


Your agents will now find it even easier to manage their calls while making sure that no missed calls go unreturned.

You can also keep track of the missed call and call wait time stats to make sure that things are always moving smoothly.


Let’s take a look at the new features!


Missed Calls Notifications


When agents miss a call they will see a Missed Call notification shown, as in the screenshot below:



The popup notification comes with a Call Back button enabling the agent to call the lead right from the notification.

If the agent’s browser window is not in focus (and the desktop notifications are enabled), a desktop notification will also pop up as shown in this image:



By clicking on the desktop notification, the agent will be redirected directly to the lead page, from where they can call the lead back.

In addition to missed call popup notifications, agents who miss a call will receive a notification by email, which will show the caller’s info.

If the call was placed to a group, and none of the group members answered the call, then an email notification will be sent to all of the group members with details about the missed call.

Say it loud, “I will find you and I will call you back”, using your best Taken voice.


Call Waiting


While an agent is on a call and a new call comes into the agent’s group, information about the incoming call that is currently in a queue will be shown inside the Dialer.

Calls in a queue show the duration and allow agents to make a decision about which call to pick up next:



The agent can now accept the new call (and leave the current one) or stay on the current call and decline to answer the new call which will automatically place it in the queue.

In case of the latter, the new call will stay in the queue so another agent can pick it up.


In addition to the notifications shown right in the Dialer, the agent will also see a popup notification in their CRM or a desktop notification (in case the browser window is not in focus) informing them there is a call in the queue.

If another agent picks up the call, or if the caller hangs up, the desktop notification will be closed automatically and a new one will be shown indicating the call has left the queue:



Call Reporting


The Dialer Metrics reporting dashboard (Tools > Dialer Metrics) has also been updated to show the information on Missed Calls and Waited Call Time on the Agent Activity tab:



By clicking on the triangle icon in either of the new columns, you can view an in-line report showing additional detail:



Also, the dashboard now has an additional tab called Live Queue which shows all of the calls there are currently waiting in the queue:



To answer a call from this tab, click on the phone icon in the Pick Up column and this will remove the call from queue.


And that was it for today’s update! Don’t go far though, more cool updates are on the way soon!!


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