New Enhancements: Lead Recordsets

IRIS CRM Lead Recordset Enhancements

We have just added two important enhancements to the Lead Recordsets functionality in your favorite Merchant Services CRM.


A Recordset is a group of fields you specify such as the business Contacts or Equipment which frequently has more than one object.


Recordsets are shown on a special type of tab in IRIS CRM called the Recordset Tab. You can add any number of recordsets on a recordset tab.

With this feature, you can organize your lead data more efficiently when you don’t know ahead of time how many objects there will be on a lead.


As an example, here is Contacts recordset with two contacts:


Contacts Recordset Tab


You can add as many contacts as needed by clicking on the Add New Contact button.


Recordsets are also typically used to add different types of Equipment to the lead:


Equipment Recordset Tab



Previously, the title of each new recordset was set as a combination of the first two fields in the recordset (for example the First Name and Last Name).


With the latest update, the recordset titles can be configured to be the first 1, 2, or 3 fields in the recordset.


You can select the number of fields to be used as the recordset title on the Manage Lead Fields page for any tab:


Recordset Title Fields



The titles can be composed of different types of fields such as text fields, dropdowns, or checkboxes.

In case one of the title fields is a dropdown, the title will show the value of the selected option in the dropdown.

And in case of a checkbox, the title will show “Yes” or “No”, depending on if the checkbox is selected or not.


The second improvement we added now enables you to export leads and their recordsets as flat files.

Exporting the data as flat files makes it easier for you to manipulate the data and build new reports in MS Excel (for example by using pivot tables).


To export your leads as flat files, start by enabling the recordset columns in your lead report.

The columns are enabled by simply clicking on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the report, and then selecting the names of the tabs that you wish to include in the report.


Once the recordsets are enabled, they will be shown in the final columns on the right in the lead report, as shown in the below example:


Enable Recordsets In Lead Report


To view the recordsets for a specific tab, simply click the triangle icon on that tab and an inline report will appear showing them:


View Inline Recordset Report


To export your leads to a flat file now, simply click on the Export button and choose the MS Excel or CSV format.

Once the leads are exported, you will find one row in the report for each input found on the lead.

Note that the fields are displayed in the report together with the name of the tab in brackets (for example, First Name (Contacts), Terminal (Equipment), etc.):


MS Excel Report With Recordsets


We hope you enjoy using the new enhancements.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!



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