New Enhancements: Merchant Portfolio Activity Monitoring

New Enhancements: Merchant Portfolio Activity Monitoring

We have just added several enhancements to the IRIS CRM Portfolio Activity page!


The ability to monitor your portfolio’s activity is an important asset which helps ensure that new merchants are being set up quickly and that your portfolio continues to grow.


With the new batch of updates, we’ve added the ability to show the merchant’s Monthly Volume and the Average Ticket information right on the merchant report!

We’ve also added additional report filters and new report table management options.


Here is a quick breakdown of the new features.


Monthly Volume And Average Ticket

Your portfolio activity report shows the basic information on each merchant, such as merchant’s monthly volume, average ticket, processing history, and others:



Within this report, you will now find two new columns — the Monthly Volume and the Average Ticket.

The information shown in these columns is pulled automatically from the TurboApp compatible processors.


If a merchant’s processor is not TurobApp compatible, then their Monthly Volume and the Average Ticket information may be edited manually.

In this case, you will see two pencil icons next to the Monthly Volume and the Average Ticket values:



By clicking on the pencil icons, you may enter new Monthly Volume and Average Ticket values and save them:



After you’ve entered new values for both the Monthly Volume and the Average Ticket for a specific merchant, these values will also reflect on the Monthly Booked Volume and the Transaction charts, also shown on the Portfolio Activity page:



New Portfolio Activity Filters

On the top of the Portfolio Activity page, you will find three new filters (in addition to the User filter which was there earlier), enabling you to filter data by selecting the Processor, Datasource, and the Group:



As before, you can apply additional filters by clicking on the Closed, Not Processing, or Processing toggle switches, and by selecting a time range:



Once you’ve selected the filters, your report will refresh automatically and you will also be able to export it to an Excel or a CSV file.


Configurable Report Table

The Portfolio Activity report table has also been updated so that it now provides the standard sort, search, export, and pagination functionality:



Additionally, you may enable or disable specific columns in the report table as needed.

Simply click on the gear icon and select the columns that you wish to see in the report (and unselect those that you don’t):



The following columns may be enabled in your report:

  • #
  • MID
  • Merchant
  • Monthly Volume
  • Average Ticket
  • Processor
  • Datasource
  • Group
  • Processing History
  • Access Permissions
  • Notes


For additional information and a complete guide on the Portfolio Activity page features please see our Portfolio Activity knowledge base article.


Stay tuned for more new cool improvements coming soon!


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