New Enhancements: Merchant Profitability & Residual Reporting

New Enhancements: Merchant Profitability & Residual Reporting

We have just added two important enhancements to your favorite Merchant Services CRM!


The new enhancements enable your support team and sales teams to view a more accurate profitability report and to view the payout information based on each user’s role and access level.


Let’s check it out!


Line Items & Profitability Reporting


Line Items are used in IRIS CRM in order to add adjustments to the residual reports by adding income or expense line items.

To learn more about Line Items check out our knowledge base article on Line Items.


Before today’s update, the line items were displayed only in the residual reports however they were not included in the Merchant Profitability Calculations — another IRIS CRM feature that enables you to gauge the profitability of your merchant accounts.


With today’s update, the merchant profitability calculation formulas will take into account your income and expense line items, and thus provide you with a more accurate picture of your merchants’ account profitability.

The profitability report now shows a new column which is used to displays the Agent Net payouts, as seen in this screenshot:



To view more detail on the Agent Net payout for a given month, click on the blue ‘Info’ icon, and the line items will be shown in a popup window:



Improved Merchant-Level Profitability Reporting


The residual report views have also been updated in order to show the Net values that are specific to each user class.


For example, an Administrator user is able to see the House Net income, a Manager user will see the Manager’s Net income, and an Agent will see the Agent’s Net income.

In this way, each user will see precisely the information that they need by default, without having to select different filters each time.


Additionally, when you are looking at an individual merchant profitability, the YTD and the Lifetime Profit stats will show values that are based on the Adjusted Net income, which is calculated as Net Profit minus the Agent Net:



To view the user splits for a given month, hover your mouse over the Agent Net value and a pop up window will appear showing the split detail:



Don’t forget that you can make residual payments directly to your agents right through IRIS CRM from our Residuals page.  All you need to activate the payout feature is an ACH account set up through Paya (Sage EFT) and we will do everything for you to.  Contact your relationship manager or support to learn more.

And that’s it! More powerful updates are coming soon so stay tuned!


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