New Feature: Automatic Lead Status Update After Electronic Signature

New Feature: Automatic Lead Status Update After E-Sign

We’re proud to announce an exciting new feature for your favorite Merchant Services CRM. Now ISOs can set their leads to automatically update to a Signed Lead Status of choice after the lead e-signs and submits an application.

Manually updating lead data in your CRM takes up your administrative team’s time and attention. IRIS CRM has solutions to automate a variety of tasks that ISO administrators manage each day, including automated merchant onboarding through TurboApp.

We’re excited to add this new automated feature to your toolbox to save you time and increase data accuracy. Leads can now be automatically updated to a specified Signed Lead Status after a merchant signs and submits an agreement. This means no more manual data entry is needed to ensure that your lead data is accurate and up-to-date.


How It Works

Leads go through a few different stages as they progress through the buyer’s journey. It’s important for your CRM to work within these stages and to keep them up to date to ensure that you know exactly where your leads are in the journey.

The process starts when a sales agent enters the lead information into the system. As the agent grows the relationship with the merchant, the lead progresses through the stages. The final step for the sales agent is to provide the agreement to the merchant, which they then e-sign and submit to IRIS CRM.

In the past an ISO administrator would need to step in at this point and manually update the Current Lead Status in the system in order to progress to the next steps in the onboarding process:


Updating Current Lead Status in IRIS CRM


ISO administrators no longer have to worry about manually updating a lead’s status after they sign the agreement. Leads are automatically updated to a chosen Signed Lead Status after their e-signed application has been received and accepted by the system. Your whole team can stay in sync and on top of all of your active leads with no effort.

For example, when a lead submits an e-signed application, the Signed Lead Status is now automatically updated. You can then set a notification for your underwriters each time the Signed Lead Status is automatically updated, enabling them to work more quickly by notifying them in real-time when a lead is ready for underwriting. 

The auto lead status update feature can be used on new applications that you’re building or existing applications that you’d like to add this functionality to. 


Getting Started

To get started, navigate to the Administration page through the Manage drop-down in the top bar. Click E-Signature in the left navigation bar, or search for it through the search box at the top:


Import PDFs in IRIS CRM Administration



Click Import PDFs, and you’ll arrive at the Manage Applications page. If you’re looking to build a new application with automated lead status updates, click Add New Application:


Add New Application Button in IRIS CRM


Here, you’ll see the Add New Application box. This is where you’ll choose the settings to use with this specific application. This includes Category, which includes options to add Applications or Forms. Next is the application type, display title, document name, and label

Once you select eSignature Application, a new set of eSignature options will appear. These include email template, signed template, signed lead status, password field, label, confirmation page, and help banner. Set the correct settings for this new application then proceed to the next step.

In order to use this functionality, make sure to set the Application Type as eSignature Application. Check out the IRIS CRM Knowledge Base page on Managing PDF Applications to learn more about adding and updating PDF applications in your CRM.

Once you’ve added all the correct settings simply upload the PDF and click Save:



Now that you’ve set the Signed Lead Status drop-down to the status of your choice, all of your leads that complete and e-sign the selected application will be updated to the selected status.


Updating an Existing Application

To manage an existing application, click Edit next to the application you’d like to change and update the Signed Lead Status settings. You’ll go through the same process as setting it up for a new application. Click Save and you’re all set:



Any future applications of this type that are processed will automatically update the signing lead’s status to your selection in the Signed Lead Status drop-down. 

Leads stay updated after they submit a signed application into your CR. You’ll also get an alert for each time that the lead status is updated (or not) to ensure that everyone is consistently up-to-date as leads progress through the buyer’s journey. 


We hope you enjoy the benefits of this new enhancement to our industry-leading CRM solution. 

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon, and schedule a free guided demonstration with our team to learn how IRIS CRM can supercharge your ISO!

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