New Feature: CRM Email Metrics

New Feature: CRM Email Metrics

We are excited to announce a new addition to your favorite Merchant Services CRM — the CRM Email Metrics!


With the new feature, you will now be able to get detailed insights into your users’ email activity and email delivery rates.


Take full control over your email strategies by checking on email campaigns and measuring user and email template performances — all of this right inside IRIS CRM!


Let’s take a closer look!


The Email Metrics Page

To open your Email Metrics page click on the Tools menu and click Email Metrics:



The Email Metrics page will open up with two tabs — the User Metrics and the Template Metrics:



User Metrics

The User Metrics report shows the emailing activity for selected users in a selected time interval. It includes the following metrics:

  • Email Sent
  • Email Opened
  • Link Clicked
  • Email Replied To
  • Email Bounced

Each metric is expressed both as the number of times the event occurred and as a percentage ratio.

You can use the options shown on top of the report table in order to filter your report by GroupsUser ClassesUsers, and the desired time interval:



Use the options in the report table header to export your report to an Excel or a CSV file, to search for specific users within the report, to add or remove report columns, or to sort the report by columns:



If a metric is shown with a triangle icon, then you may click on the icon in order to show a sub-report for that specific metric and user:



To preview the sent emails or the email responses, click on the email preview icons in the Email Date or the Reply Date column:



All sub-reports feature the standard options for exporting, searching, sorting, and managing the report columns.


Template Metrics

The Template Metrics report works in the same way as the User Metrics report described earlier, except it shows the email activity based on the email templates and not the users.

By using the Template Metrics report you may analyze the performance of your email templates and then modify them if needed or add new ones.

Use the options shown on top of the report table to filter your report by template type (AllQuick, or the System template) and to set the required time interval:



More cool features and updates are coming soon, so stay tuned!


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