New Feature: Custom Tooltips for Lead Fields

Custom Tooltips for Lead Fields

We’re excited to announce a new feature for IRIS CRM: Custom Tooltips for Lead Fields!

ISOs using IRIS CRM can now set up custom tooltips for lead fields. The custom tooltips will appear as an icon next to a lead field, which can be hovered over to gain additional information. 

With the ability to set custom tooltips for lead fields, you can now provide notes to help guide their users to understand exactly which data should be included in each field.

By improving your team’s knowledge in real-time with custom tooltips for any lead fields, you’ll be able to increase data entry speed and accuracy. Fewer leads will be added to IRIS CRM with incorrect data in the lead fields, which means that the process of onboarding and managing leads will be a far smoother and more convenient experience. 

Read on to learn how to add custom tooltips to any field within one of your leads.


How to Add a Custom Tooltip to a Lead Field


Step 1: My Leads

First, navigate to LeadsMy Leads from the toolbar at the top of your IRIS CRM site:

My Leads


This will pull up the My Leads by Status State, then you can select the relevant status state that includes the lead you are seeking to edit with a custom tooltip:



Step 2: Edit Lead

Click on the Edit pencil button next to the Lead DBA Name at the top of the page. This will open up the Manage Lead Fields section:



Next, find the field to which you would like to add a custom tooltip. Select Edit Field to open up the Edit Field section:



Step 3: Add Tooltip

In the Edit Field popup, find Field Type on the left-hand side. Select Options underneath Field Type, which will open up the Manage Options popup:


Towards the bottom of the Manage Options list is Enable Tooltip, which will tell the system that you would like to add a custom tooltip. Click Enable Tooltip to open up the Helper Text text box:


In the Helper Text text box, add the text that you want to add to the specified lead field. Once you have confirmed the text in the field is correct, click Save to add the custom tooltip to the lead field:


There you have it – the full process for adding custom tooltips to any leads within your IRIS CRM site. Try out the new Custom Tooltips for Lead Fields feature now to start seeing the benefits of a smarter team and process, thanks to the helpful information you can add to any lead fields of your choice.


We hope that you enjoy this new feature for your IRIS CRM site! If you’d like to learn more about IRIS CRM’s new features and enhancements, set up a free guided demonstration with the IRIS CRM team today!


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