New Feature: Deliver E-Signature Agreements To Multiple Signers!

New Feature: Deliver E-Signature Agreements To Multiple Signers!

We are excited to bring you an important new update—the ability to add multiple signers to your E-Signature agreements!


E-Signature is a digital file attached to a contract and is used as the legal equivalent of a written signature.


With E-Signature technology you can:

  • Automate your workflows related to document preparation and management
  • Eliminate data-entry errors avoid keying mistakes
  • Securely store and retrieve agreements from anywhere and at anytime
  • Save on expenses of printing, faxing, mailing, and managing important documents
  • Close sales more quickly and efficiently and keep your clients happier


Your Merchant Services CRM takes E-Signature to the next level by delivering a single point of data entry!


Simply map your PDF form to your lead and watch as pre-filled agreements are generated automatically and sent to your lead for E-Signature.

Your lead will now be able to fill in any additional required information on the form.

After signing and submitting the form, the newly entered information will automatically sync with your lead fields, resulting with a complete and accurate record!


With our newest update, we have added the last piece of the puzzle and enabled our clients to take full advantage of the E-Sign technology when working with multiple signers.


Let’s dive in and take a closer look!


Sending An E-Signature Agreement


Before you can start sending E-Signature agreements to your clients you will need to upload your PDF form into the CRM and configure the application mappings.

More info: PDF Mappings


Having completed your application set up, you can now start sending E-Signature agreements.

Open the E-Sign tab on your lead, select the application or agreement you wish to send, and click Preview Email:



A new pop-up will appear where you can now add additional signers:



After the additional signers have been added, a new email will launch which you can send directly to the first signer.

The email contains a customizable notification message including the link to the E-Sign application:



The recipient can now open the agreement, fill in any required information, and finally attach the E-Signature:



At this point, the application will be sent to the next signer automatically, and so forth until all of the signers have appended their signatures to the agreement.

Once that happens, all parties will receive an email with a copy of the PDF agreement, which is now also going to be shown with the Signed status on the E-Sign tab:



The agreement is also automatically attached to the Attachments tab on the lead, from where you can download or email the file at any time:



A Few More Notes…

Sending E-Signature applications for multiple signers (as opposed to a single signer) comes with a few extra twists in terms of the signing flow.

Here are a couple of additional notes to bear in mind when you create and manage multi-signer applications:

  • All fields for the first signer should be set as required fields in the PDF. The fields for all other signers must be set as optional fields. In this way, you can ensure that there is always a minimum of one signer for your applications (and a varying number of additional signers).
  • The signature, date, and initials special fields do not need to be mapped to the lead as these fields are either filled in by the signers or automatically by the system.
  • Any field on the PDF form can be assigned to a specific signer. For example, to make the field First_Name fillable by the second signer only, add the suffix “_es_:signer2” to that field (the final field name will be “First_Name_es_:signer2“).
  • All required fields not assigned to a specific signer will need to be filled in by the first signer. Optional fields not completed by the first signer will be available and editable for the next signer.
  • Fields completed by one signer are not editable by the next signer.
  • In addition to the special fields listed above, you may also use additional fields that are supported by Adobe. More info: Adobe Sign Text Tag Guide


We hope you’ll enjoy using the new update!


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!!

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