New Feature: Merchant Dispute Reporting

New Feature: Merchant Dispute Reporting

As promised, we’re back with more updates! This time we’ve implemented a Merchant Dispute Reporting feature, enabling IRIS CRM users to view merchant’s retrieval and chargeback information in a single unified report!

The ability to view retrievals and chargebacks in a centralized report will enable users to manage and monitor their merchant activity more easily and efficiently.

The new reporting feature also comes with standard filtering and exporting options, enabling you to get the data you need in just a few clicks!


Let’s check out the highlights.


The Dispute Reporting Page


Your retrieval and chargeback report is available on the Dispute Reporting page which you can access via the Tool > Dispute Reporting menu:




The Dispute Reporting page consists of the filter section and the report section, as seen in this image:



You can use the filters to narrow down the scope of the report by selecting the report Type (Retrieval, Chargeback or both), specific Processors, Users and/or Groups:



In the filter section you can also select a pre-defined time interval (e.g. Month To Date) or select a specific date/time range for your report.

After you click “Search” the report will refresh and display the requested information:



Within the report table, you can use the “Export” button to export your report to Excel or CSV format, and you can also search for specific table entries using the Search box:



Your data can also be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column headers:



To view more information on a specific merchant in the report simply click on the DBA or the MID item in the report table and the Merchant Details page will open:



The other items in the row can be clicked to access the Retrievals or the Chargebacks tab on the Merchant Details page directly (depending on whether the row Type is Chargeback or Retrieval):



And that’s about it! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and improvements coming soon!


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