New Feature: Edit CRM Lead Notes

New Feature: Edit CRM Lead Notes

We have just added a new important feature in your Merchant Services CRM — the ability to Edit CRM Lead Notes!


You can now update existing notes by adding/deleting text or images and you can also notify selected users about the new edits automatically.

Additionally, all note edits are saved and can always be viewed in the note’s history.


Here are the highlights of the new feature.


Editing a Lead Note


To edit an existing Lead note, click on the Edit icon for that note (a note can only be edited by the user who created it):



Your note dialog will open in edit mode and you can now update the note’s contents.

Things you can change include the text of the note, sticking or unsticking a note to the top of the list, insert new images, delete existing images (or change their labels), and select users to be notified about the changes:



After you’ve finished editing the note click “Save” and the changes will be saved. Also, a confirmation message will be shown in the top right corner:




After your changes have been saved, an additional icon will now appear on the note, providing a clear history of changes visible for all of the users that have access to the lead:



After you click on the “Edit History” icon, a popup will appear showing the note’s history including a preview of the changes, the user who made the change and the date and time of the change.

Text deletions are highlighted in red while new additions are highlighted in green:



The text changes will also be highlighted in the note email notifications (in case you selected users to be notified about the new edits):



We hope you enjoy using the new feature.


Stay tuned for more updates and improvements coming soon!


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