New Feature: Email Or Delete Multiple Files Quickly

New Feature: Email Or Delete Multiple Files Quickly

Your Merchant Services CRM just got a new enhancement—the ability to email or delete multiple lead files!


Our latest development improvement resolves what were previously bottlenecks by providing an easy way for clients to select multiple files on the lead and then email or delete those files.

Additionally, the ability to delete files has also been extended to Leads, CRM Document Management page, and Helpdesk tickets.


Before the new improvement was deployed, people could email a lead attachment by clicking on the Email button next to the attachment. However, in order to email multiple attachments the remainder would need to be added to the email manually.


A similar scenario existed with the deletion of lead attachments, where a person could only delete multiple attachments one at a time.

Deleting attachments in this way amounted to a laborious process for users who handled a large number of documents on a daily basis.


Let’s take a closer look at the new functionality!


Emailing & Deleting Lead Attachments

To email multiple files from your lead first select the Email Files option and then select the files and click Apply For ‘x’ Files:



A new email will be launched with the selected files being attached automatically for you!

If needed, you may also attach additional files to your email, either by uploading files from your computer or by selecting files from the lead:



Deleting files from your lead record works in a similar way by toggling to the Delete Files option, selecting the files to be deleted that are visible on a lead, and clicking Apply For X Files:



The option to email or delete multiple files can also be used from the Merchant Details page.


Deleting Company Documents & Ticket Attachments

To mass delete documents from your CRM Documents page, open your Documents Management page (via Manage >Administration > Documents > Document Management) and open the category in which your documents are located.

Choose the documents that you would like to delete and click Delete Documents:



Deleting attachments from your Helpdesk tickets is now possible by clicking on the ‘X’ icon next to an attachment:


You can also remove attachments from any ticket comments by opening the comment in edit mode, and click on the ‘X’ icon next to the attachment you would like to delete:




And there you go! We hope that you’ll enjoy these new enhancements as time savers in your daily workflow!


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

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